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Photobiomodulation rescues the cochlea from noise-induced hearing loss via upregulating nuclear factor κB expression in rats

Tamura 2016 Brain research 1 

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Low-level laser therapy for prevention of noise-induced hearing loss in rats

Noninvasive low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is neuroprotective, but the mechanism of this effect is not fully understood. In this study, the use of LLLT as a novel treatment for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is investigated. Sprague–Dawley rats were exposed to intense noise and their right ears were irradiated with an 808nm diode laser at an output power density of 110 or 165mW/cm2 for a 30 min period for 5
consecutive days. Measurement of the auditory brainstem response revealed an accelerated recovery of auditory function in the groups treated with LLLT compared with the non-treatment group at days 2, 4, 7
and 14 after noise exposure. Morphological observations also revealed a significantly higher outer hair cell survival rate in the LLLT groups. Immunohistochemical analyses for inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS)
and cleaved caspase-3 were used to examine oxidative stress and apoptosis. Strong immunoreactivities were observed in the inner ear tissues of the non-treatment group, whereas these signals were decreased
in the LLLT group at 165mW/cm2 power density. Our findings suggest that LLLT has cytoprotective effects against NIHL via the inhibition of iNOS expression and apoptosis.
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Tamura 2015 Neuroscience Letters 1

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New paths in the field of ear medicine


On Ibiza, Dr. Wilden is working in a very particular field of medicine: Diseases and overstrain regarding the inner ear. The focus lies on auditory hypersensitivity, tinnitus, hearing impairment and vertigo. So far, all of these things have been generally said to be incurable. The Southern German takes a different view and states: "The inner ear is responsible for two of our most vital senses: Hearing and balance. Hunting, orientation, fleeing - If all of these things didn't work, humanity would have been extinct a long time ago."


Ever since his early youth, Dr. Wilden has been interested in biology and the connections inside the human body. Consequently, his career choice was obvious. After his medical studies at the universities in Regensburg and Munich and the subsequent doctorate in Heidelberg, he completed his general medical training in the fields of surgery, gynecology, internal medicine and pediatrics. In addition, he was trained in the fields of naturopathic treatment and chiropractic therapy. Then he was also confronted with the tinnitus problem.


So the doctor specialized in the inner ear. He practices a method of treatment that has been used for many years to support the healing process, for example in the field of sports medicine: Therapeutic laser light. After more than 25 years in Germany, the lightspecialist was led to Ibiza, amongst others by the special Ibiza-light. Last year, he moved to Ibiza with his family and opened his practice for laser therapy in Santa Gertrudis.


The emphasis of the practice is on informing people about how to properly deal with their acoustic organs, as well as on the treatment of inner ear diseases and orthopedic diseases. In this context, Dr. Wilden states that the chances of successful treatments are high, even in the case of old damages. The practice is equipped with hearing test devices, as well as stationary and mobile laser therapy equipment, so treatments are also possible at the patients' home. Because of the many possibilities of applying laser therapy, also other areas can be covered therapeutically.

preview pre conditioningNEW: Harvard University / USA confirms the biological positive effectiveness of Low Level Laser Light (LLLL) on biological stressed hearing cells.

Pre-conditioning with near infrared photobiomodulation reduces inflammatory cytokines and markers of oxidative stress in cochlear hair cells
Adam Bartos1, Yohann Grondin1, Magda E. Bortoni1, Elisa Ghelfi1, Rosalinda Sepulveda1, James Carroll2 and Rick A. Rogers1

Author Information:
1   Harvard University – Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Molecular and Integrative Physiological Sciences – Department of Environmental Health, Building 1, Boston, MA, USA
2 THOR Photomedicine Ltd, Chesham, United Kingdom


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Information for home therapy by Dr. Wilden

In accordance with Dr. Wilden, we are offering you home therapy with our Lux Spa Home Laser devices, so you can have the best possible therapeutic experience and competence regarding home therapy of your afflictions.

Information on high-dose Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr. Wilden® in practice in Santa Gertrudis / Ibiza

This website gives you detailed information about structure and functioning of our inner ear organs. At the same time, under the category “New Texts” you can find extensive information about the way Low Level Laser Light works.

This Website by Dr. Wilden has been online since 1997, and it contains information regarding the therapeutic process of the highly-dosed Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr. Wilden®. It contains all of Dr. Wilden's publications and conference lectures.
Therapy for:
tinnitus (=sound inside the ear), conductive hearing loss, condition after hearing loss, ear pressure, hyperacusis (auditory hypersensitivity), dysacusis (auditory distortion), hearing impairment, vertigo (= dizziness), Ménière's disease (spinning sensation and throwing up)
Treatment with the highly-dosed Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr. Wilden®
For the treatment of inner ear diseases (= inner ear overstrain) that come along with symptoms such as tinnitus, conductive hearing loss, condition after hearing loss, ear pressure, hyperacusis (auditory hypersensitivity), dysacusis (auditory distortion), hearing impairment, vertigo (= dizziness), Ménière's disease (spinning sensation and throwing up), Dr. Wilden successfully uses Low Level Laser Therapy, with specifically high laser-quality and a form of laser application that have been developed and constantly improved by him since 1990. (= highly dosed Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr. Wilden®)
Based on this therapy in his practice, Dr. Wilden developed the Home Therapy by Dr. Wilden.

The biological effect of light on the human body An introduction to the way Low Level Laser Light works on the energy balance of the human cell by Dr. Lutz Wilden
self-published Passau 2011

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*Specialists currently discuss the effects of Low Level Laser. Therefore, Laser Therapy is not yet generally scientifically recognized.


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